New York’s Taj Mahal & HaitianRemo come together on the new street anthem Who U Do It 4. Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a career criminal that’s willing to rob and steal for a living? A criminal that’s also willing to kidnap and kill all for the love of money while being the best father and a pillar of his community? What would make a man leave his sons basketball game to go and check on a victim that he has had tied up for three weeks in a basement demanding Drug money, and then go home to his wife as if he’s been hard at work all day. What would make a man who seemingly has everything a man could hope and wish for still be willing to put his life on the line night after night for a bit of fast cash? If you have ever asked your self any of these questions 211 the t.v series will answer theses questions for you. 211 is the penal code for Robbery In Progress. The main character of 211 is Hassan Johnson, A clean cut man who’s a great father and husband who has never smoked or drank in his life, his only addiction is “FAST MONEY”. Growing up ? was introduced to the life of being a Stick Up Kid, something that we have never been exposed to in movie or television. Growing up in New York was raised in a local housing Project where he finds himself ending up in a weird relationship with a local housing police officer who ends up being a like a father figure to him. But what is the hold that this officer turned detective has on ? The detective watches over him as kid but will later on introduce ? to a lifestyle that will haunt him for the rest of his life. For his own financial This detective/ father figure will end up using him for his own financial gain by giving him information on drug dealers that he can rob and steal from by any means necessary. With the knowledge of a Harvard graduate mixed with the ruthless mindset of a career criminal is a man that knows better but is an addict and product of the ever popular street culture. In every episode we will watch him manipulate everyone he comes in contact with by using his good looks and charm in hopes to gain the world while losing his soul!
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Another 1 @DJKhaled voice #MajorCheezAlert Holy Key – @CanaryCheez518


(We sensing a something here). Hear it here. Now, Canary Cheez has recently took the time to express an unrecorded song over the DJ Khaled “Holy Key” where he rounded up Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean, and vocalist Betty Wright off Major Key. #CANARYCHEEZ ( THE EP ) ITunes, Amazon, Googleplay, Spotify. Booking: bookcanarycheez@gmail.com | All visuals on Vevo

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Jaguar XX – Skyfall Ft. GV


“I look up and I see the red and blue flashes.
this my friends is not a tale of two cities.
just one city. my city.
the city that birthed legends.
dozens upon dozens of blocks deep.
this is the shit that you would read about and weep
This is my city.
her streets full of lost souls
fallen children, abandoned wives,
intellectuals and goons
all failed by the system,
breathing the same air.
You think you actually belong here?
Stop and put your hands where i can see them.
Even the pigeons have a nasty attitude.
But the pigs, the pigs in blue uniform are the worst.
these kids were raised by the streets
smoking bogies at 12
in the school yard.
vandalizing and picking pockets for the thrill
growing up in the system,
they’re not afraid to kill
I know people who will never
know legal money hustling out of pure desperation
and you know what?
they said fuck your bullshit legislation
This place is heaven in a little fucked up box.
What are you doing around here so late at night? Have you been
drinking? Have you been smoking pot? Are you carrying any weapons?
No officer, you’re the one with the badge.
We may walk in the same shoes
but you see i got an awkward step
and its all thanks to her.
my city.
shes the most beautiful thing ive ever known.
home of tragedy and victory.
and I’m just but one player
In this ghetto symphony
Don’t push me kid i will arrest you for assaulting an officer.
This city has the heart of a gangster and the tongue of a poet
all molded into crowded streets and busy intersections.
You could never understand all this complexion
So, mr officer with all due respect,
let me be clear,
you havent got the slightest idea as to whats going on here.
This is the city of dreams the one that never sleeps. The concrete
jungle. The only place you can find a bum and a millionaire and
everything in between
So please let me be.
Officer youre hurting me.
I didn’t do anything wrong.
Just let me finish this song..
You are resisting arrest, youre only making this worse for yourself
This is New York. This is supposed to be the land of opportunity?
This is not why my parents came here,
For you to be policing brutally.
“I didn’t even do nothing.”
Sam Dubose, 43
“I can’t breathe, I need a pump.”
Freddie Gray, 25
“You shot me! You shot me dawg.”
Oscar Grant, 22
“I don’t have a gun stop shooting.”
Michael Brown, 18
“What are you following me for?”
Trayvon Martin, 17
“Please don’t let me die.”
Kimani Grey, 16
Tamir Rice…was only 12.
You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be
used against you in a court of Iaw..
If you make it there.
If you’re alive enough to make it there.” – Sara Writes

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This visual shot by Jordan Morales pretty much sums up how Jaguar XX feels about the present state of america. Currently working on his untitled project he decided to bring you to Brooklyn and tell a story people don’t want to talk about with GV of Zodd Nation. Together Jaguar of Panamanian decent & GV of Haitian decent shine light in the darkest hour of today’s era.

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Another Hit (Visual by GV (@GVBkEnt)


Who Is GV?

GV [Jee-Vee] j?ví ; (Noun) An individual whom realized in his adolescent phase in life that he himself is not only a vehicle in the design of the most high but a messenger of his will. A human-being, a sinner in many ways one can describe. A story teller and an activist for his people. Another powerful individual who has understood that the vibrations that he omits into this universe controls what he can create from it. Music is life and I live by mine completely. GV
Song by GV (Brotherz Keeper ENT) gv_bk_ent
Rebelz Prelude/ The Second Calm
video shot by A1VISION
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